Where Are The People Now?

To the best of my knowledge, the following is where the kids and other people in this story are today.

Chop Carter - Died  in about 2004 from a bad heart.

J.D. Weant - Died in a knife fight in Tucson about in 1967.

Phyllis - Died in a car wreck in about 1989.

Melissa Brock - Died in about 1956.

Norman Weant - Died in about 1985.

Harold Weant - Died one day apart from his brother Norman.

Cousin Jack Carpenter - Died in about 2012.

Cousin Bill Carpenter - Living in Appleton City, Mo.

Cousin Eva Carpenter - Living in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Cousin Wanda Carpenter - Living in Kansas City, Mo.

Uncle Leslie Carpenter - Died in about 1954.

Uncle Murlin Carpenter - Died in about 1992

Aunt Jessie Carpenter - Died in about 2013

Grandma Carpenter - Died in about 1966.

Cousin Bob Lundy - Died in about 1992

Aaron Weant - Died in about 1960.

Goldie Weant - Died in about 1985.

My parents - Dad died in 1979, my Mother in 2005.

Sister Vickie - Living in Aurora, Mo.

The Down's Syndrome Daughter - Died in 1953.

R.V. Bean - Died in about 1984.

Mary Ellen Moore - Whereabouts unknown.

Peggy Baumgartner - Last I heard, living happily with a good husband, somewhere.

Me, Tip Coleman - Living with my sweet wife Erline in Tucson, Az.

The whereabouts of many un-named others are unknown.

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